Outsider, Loner, Outlaw: These are the roles that define Christian Stokes, the actor. From an undercover biker cop in "Monster" featuring an Academy Award winning performance from Charlize Theron, to an intimidating mob enforcer going through cigarette withdrawals opposite of Brad Dourif and Kenny Johnson in the indy feature, "Few Options", Christian has embraced these characters with intensity and a raw, talented grit. He continues to find the hearts of darkness that lurk within these men in projects in Los Angeles and from his home in Dallas, Texas. 

Christian Stokes, the man, was raised in East Texas and grew up the oldest son of a firefighter. He credits his laid back, easy going manner to growing up with his grandparents and learning the value of hard work and determination. That focus has led Christian to working steadily in show business for 22 years.  He is an 8-year veteran of the Hollywood film scene, having performed with such actors as Jennifer Garner, Matthew McConaughey, Bruce Dern, and Sylvester Stallone. Some of his other highlighted credits include "Nashville", "Escape Plan", "Revolution", "No Ordinary Family", "Alias" and "Bernie" starring Jack Black. 

Christian recently returned from a European Tour where he directed performances for the popular Marvel Universe Live stunt spectacular, one of the biggest action shows to ever go on tour. He has visited 96 cities and 11 countries in a span of 2.5 years. Upon his return to film/tv, Christian has launched his own production company, Spearhead Productions, and has started working to release his own content in webisode format. His first project under the Spearhead banner is a comedy/horror series entitled 'The Zomb Squad", set to go to camera later this year.