Christian Stokes


Callidus Agency
[John Kolinofsky]
Austin: (512) 514-0022
Dallas: (214) 432-6122

323 Talent Management
[Noreen Savides]

  • Height: 6' 2"
  • Hair: Brown
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Eyes: Sky Blue
  • Weight: 265
  • Playing Age: 35 - 45


Escape Plan Babcock Mikael Hafstrom, Director
Few Options Mike Colton George Pappy, Director
Bernie Truck Driver Richard Linklater, Director
Jack's Last Fandango Jack Carlos Bible, Director
Monster Undercover Biker Cop Patty Jenkins, Director
Lake Dead Abel Lake Alliance Entertainment Group
Charlie Valentine Joe Jesse V. Johnson, Director
Bury Me Sheriff Parting Shot Productions
Stop Loss Tweaker Kimberly Peirce, Director
Green Street Hooligans 2 Wertzel Jesse V. Johnson, Director
Hellbinders Samael's Bodyguard Future Flix Productions
Shadows in Paradise Big Joe Bill Coe, Director
Balls to the Wall Uncle Andre Penelope Spheeris, Director
Blind Turn Bartender Robert Orr, Director
Net Effect Gerald David Dubos, Director
Kraw: The Inventor Frato Crazed Monkey Productions
Lesser of 3 Evils Assassin Catchlight Films
Dropped Frames Seth Look At Me Productions
Essence of Irwin Lourdes Dobbins DownRightSwell Productions
Gatorman Father J3 Productions


Nashville Co-Star CMT TV
Revolution Co-Star Bonanza Productions
Chase Co-Star NBC TV
No Ordinary Family Co-Star ABC TV
Hound Dogs Co-Star TNT Television
Alias, Co-Star Lawrence Trilling/ ABC
Passions, Tabloid Truth #9, #10 Co-Star NBC Universal
Antique Roadshow Guest Star WGBH
Inside Universal Studios Japan Guest Star The Travel Channel
Slime Time Live Co-Star Nickelodeon Studios
In Search Of Co-Star Gregg Hale, Producer
Super Sleuths, Featured Granada Media


Marvel Universe Live North American Tour Performance Director Feld Entertainment
Pirates Adventure Capt. Beaux Fetter Norwalk Entertainment
Wild, Wild, Wild, West Show Emmett Dalton/ Cole Hopper Universal Studios, Japan/Orlando
Grinchmas The Grinch Universal Studios, Orlando
Tell Me a Deadtime Story Teller of Tales Orlando Fringe Festival
Calico Country Jubilee Cowboy Larry Knott's Berry Farm
Eternal Reward Uncle Buzz Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay
Santa's Secret Workshop Noodles the Nutty Nutcracker Mystere Mansion
Lone Star Roy Caulder Trinity Valley College
Rainmaker Bill Starbuck Athens Little Theatre


Transformers Voice Optimus Prime/ Megatron Universal Studios Hollywood


KD Studio Actor's Conservatory of the Southwest
Acting- Phillip Karr, Nikki Nanos, Patrick Cherry
Fight Choreography- David Morizot, Mike Owen
Sword Combat- David Morizot
Firearms- Mal Boland


Available Upon Request

Special Skills

Improvisation, Singer in a Rock N Roll Band, Sketch Comedy, Pratfalls, World Traveller, Horeseback Riding, Firearms, Shotguns, Semi-automatics, Whip Cracking, Broadsword, Rapier, Axe, Rope Swings, Prosthetic SFX Experience, Green Screen Experience, Stand-In Experience, Looping, Fireman's Pole, Circus Ladder, High Falls (40 Ft), Fight Choreography, Stilt Walking, Diving (25 Ft. Caveman), Slide for Life, Football, Baseball, Valid Passport, and Very Easy to Work With!!!
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